Straighter Teeth Are Healthier Teeth

Dr. Robert Wilcox, located in Butte, MT, is an expert in maintaining and improving smiles. Even more importantly, he wants yo

Dr. Robert Wilcox, located in Butte, MT, is an expert in maintaining and improving smiles. Even more importantly, he wants you to have the healthiest teeth possible. Having your teeth straightened can do both. 

Benefits of straight teeth

Along with the cosmetic appeal, significant benefits of straight teeth include. 

Healthy gums protect your oral health

Healthy gums fit snugly against your teeth and provide a barrier. Your gums help protect against your teeth and jawbone from dangerous bacteria that cause decay. Crooked or missing teeth can cause gaps in your gums that can promote tooth decay. 

Those gaps allow decay-causing bacteria to reach the bony surfaces of your teeth that lie below the gumline. Straight teeth provide a secure fit for your gums and help prevent debris buildup that leads to gum disease and tooth decay.

Easier chewing, better digestion, and better health

Crispy, crunchy fruits and vegetables improve your oral health, just as they are for your overall health. Crooked teeth can make it difficult and even painful to eat the healthy foods you need to remain fit. Straight teeth can make it easier to enjoy a nutritious diet.

Straight teeth don’t wear as badly

Crooked teeth can wear away enamel as you chew. This weakens your teeth and leads to cracking, breaking, and decay. 

Additionally, a misaligned bite can stress the muscles and joints of your face and jaw. This can result in jaw strain, headaches, and other painful conditions such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. A properly aligned bite can prevent future problems. 

Better brushing and easier flossing

Straight teeth provide a larger surface that’s easier to clean than the twisted and angled surfaces of crooked teeth. This improves the efficacy of daily brushing and flossing, which helps reduce the risk of decay-causing plaque and tartar buildup. Brushing and flossing are essential to maintaining good oral health, and that's much easier to do well when your teeth are aligned. 

You simply feel better

It can be difficult to show your true, fabulous self to the world when you’re worried about your smile. If you find yourself covering your mouth or avoiding smiling when you're around people, you aren’t living life to the fullest. Crooked teeth also sometimes cause difficulty speaking clearly. Straightening your smile can help resolve these problems and boost your confidence.

And straightening your teeth may not be as difficult or painful as you imagine. New systems and techniques such as Invisalign® make it possible to move your teeth into proper alignment without the discomfort and inconvenience of traditional wire braces.

Schedule a visit with Dr. Wilcox today to discover what straightening your teeth can mean for your overall health as well as your self-confidence. You can make an appointment using our online scheduling tool, or by calling us at 406-851-9375, during regular business hours. 

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