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Professional Cleaning Is an Important Step Toward Great Dental Health

Are you one of the 100 million Americans who has skipped a dental cleaning this year? It’s understandable. Pushing a routine cleaning to the bottom of your to-do list is easy — especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

But at Robert F. Wilcox, DMD, PC, in Butte, Montana, our professional care team knows professional cleanings are key to your dental health and overall wellness. 

Cleanings play an important role in our dental services, and we’re committed to helping our patients better understand why keeping biannual cleanings on your calendar is essential.

Read on to learn more about how professional cleanings help ensure dental health and why you should schedule your cleaning today.

How do professional cleanings boost my dental health?

You may brush and floss regularly, but unless you’re getting regular professional cleanings, you’re missing out on the opportunity to optimize your dental health. Here are the top ways professional cleanings help keep your whole mouth (and more) healthy:

Cleanings prevent tooth decay

When you have your teeth professionally cleaned, we’re able to remove plaque and tartar. Dental plaque is a sticky film that builds up on your teeth. It contains harmful bacteria that attack dental enamel and can hurt your gums. 

If not removed thoroughly, plaque leads to tartar buildup, a hardened yellow or brown deposit on your teeth. Only dental professionals can remove tartar buildup because it bonds to the enamel on your teeth.   

Plaque and tartar have bacteria that produce acids. These acids eat away at your dental enamel, leaving your teeth more vulnerable to decay and cavities. Professional cleanings help combat tooth decay. 

Cleanings halt gum disease

Even if you brush and floss regularly, the areas where your teeth and gums come together are difficult to clean deeply at home — especially as you age, when gum tissue can pull away from your teeth. 

Tiny pieces of food and bacteria become stuck in these hard-to-reach areas, increasing your risk of gum disease. Regular professional cleanings help halt gum disease and keep your gums in the pink of health. 

Key in early detection of oral cancer

If you smoke or use tobacco products or drink more than one alcoholic beverage daily, you have an increased risk of developing oral cancer. 

When you get your teeth professionally cleaned at Robert F. Wilcox, DMD, PC, your hygienist examines the condition of your teeth, gums, and mouth. We keep an eye out for any red, swollen, or ulcerated regions to screen for oral cancer in addition to other dental issues.   

Cleanings keep your breath fresh and smile bright

Plaque, tartar, and bacteria contribute to bad breath. And even if you brush and floss regularly, it’s difficult to remove all of the bad-breath causing culprits. 

Your dental hygienist professionally cleans what your toothbrush can’t, making your regular cleanings an important tool in your battle against bad breath. 

The foods and liquids you eat and drink can create stains on the surface of your teeth. If you drink coffee, tea, wine, or carbonated beverages, or if you smoke or use tobacco products, you’re at an even greater risk of developing stains. 

Regular cleanings can help remove stains and keep your smile bright. 

Cleanings improve overall health

You may understand that professional cleanings help your dental health, but did you know that they are also key to your overall health and wellness? That’s because issues and diseases that start in your mouth can cause inflammation that spreads to other parts of your body.

Studies show that good dental health is linked to a reduction in the risk of heart disease, heart attack, coronary artery disease, and stroke. And if you’re a diabetic, your ability to fight infections that cause decay and gum disease is negatively affected. Regular dental cleanings can help. 

How can I get started with better oral health?

If it’s been a year or more since your last dental cleaning, you’re overdue for an exam. Our team at Robert F. Wilcox, DMD, PC, is here to help. Our office is happy to schedule an exam and a cleaning that works with your schedule. 

Dr. Wilcox is a cosmetic and general dentist who can help you achieve excellent oral health and a bright, white smile. Most routine cleanings and exams take less than an hour, and if we find an issue, we work with you to create a customized treatment plan that meets your needs.  

Are you ready to schedule a professional dental cleaning and improve your dental health? Call our Butte, Montana, office or book online now.

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