How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening allows you to achieve a whiter, brighter smile in a simple in-office treatment that doesn’t include removing stained tooth enamel or investing in applied porcelain veneers. At his comfortable dental clinic in Butte, Montana, Dr. Robert F. Wilcox delivers safe, convenient, and fast tooth whitening. He then encourages patients to make the treatment effects last as long as possible!  

Who can benefit from teeth whitening?

Nobody’s natural tooth color is exactly the same, and you can’t judge tooth health by shade of “white” alone. However,what you eat, drink, or smoke can change your tooth color, and even certain medications can have an adverse effect on your smile. Tooth whitening done in Dr. Wilcox’s chair is a great way to get the shade you want, and then you can maintain it for months by practicing self-care at home. 

Why get professional teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular cosmetic dental treatment that is low in cost and provides incredible results. Professional tooth whitening provides faster, more noticeable whitening, and the effect lasts longer than a whitening toothpaste or whitening strips.

More and more people get their teeth whitened every year. In fact, growth in the industry is expected to increase by 4% each year between now and 2021, and most of that growth is from patients choosing to have their teeth whitened in a dental office instead of using subpar home whitening products. 

Dr. Wilcox uses the FDA-approved Zoom! WhiteSpeed tooth whitening system developed by Phillips, a well-known oral hygiene products company. Zoom! uses a special whitening gel and a blue LED lamp to give you a smile up to eight times lighter in just 45 minutes of actual treatment time (three 15-minute treatment segments performed over several hours in a single visit.)

Extending the effects of Zoom! WhiteSpeed tooth whitening 

You can make your white, bright smile last longer if you follow these simple guidelines:

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