How a Root Canal Can Save a Diseased Tooth

When the nerves or pulp in the inner part of your tooth gets decayed or diseased, you need a treatment option that can help save your natural smile. Even without the pulp or nerve, your tooth still functions to help give structure to your mouth, chew your food, and speak. Our highly-trained endodontist, Dr. Robert F. Wilcox, specializes in root canal therapy to carefully treat your inner tooth, prevent infection from spreading, and save your smile.

Root canal 101

During a root canal procedure, Dr. Wilcox skillfully removes the pulp and the nerve from the inner chambers of your tooth. He thoroughly cleans and disinfects the area, fills the canal with a composite material, and reseals your tooth. 

Your tooth and gums are kept completely numb during the treatment, so you can relax and rest your eyes during the hour or so the procedure takes. You’ll return in a couple weeks to get a crown to help protect and fortify the tooth for years to come.

Causes of a diseased tooth

The pulp and nerves in your tooth can become diseased from:

It’s important to maintain regular dental checkups with Dr. Wilcox. Professional cleanings and digital X-rays are the best way to maintain excellent oral health and catch dental problems before they become serious.

Signs of a diseased tooth

When the nerves or pulp in the inner part of your tooth gets decayed or diseased, it can lead to several symptoms such as:

Root canal vs. tooth extraction

Unless you stop advanced tooth decay with a root canal, you are susceptible to losing your tooth completely. There are a number of convincing reasons that a root canal is a far better option:

Dr. Wilcox and our team here in Butte, Montana, are passionate about helping you learn excellent oral hygiene to keep decay and disease away. Should you develop a serious problem, we encourage a root canal to save your tooth and keep it healthy for your lifetime.

For a personal consultation about your dental health or to discuss a possible root canal, call today or book online.

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