At the age of nine, Dr. Wilcox purchased his first dental instrument: a pair of forceps he found at a garage sale. It became a passion ever since he was outgrowing his prized Bert & Ernie t-shirts.

Dr. Wilcox  was born and raised in Butte, Montana. After graduating from Butte High School, the aspiring dentist went on to earn BS degrees in Microbiology and Medical Technology, a BA in Molecular Biology along with a minor in Chemistry from The University of Montana. Dr. Wilcox and his wife Dawn enjoyed 4 years in Philadelphia, PA while he earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine, DMD, from Temple University School of Dentistry.

The couple then returned to their hometown where Dr. Wilcox decided to start his own general dentistry practice. The practice quickly outgrew their previous home in the Beleview Dental Clinic, and moved locations in 2011. Dr. Wilcox and his staff have a beautiful new home at 2823 Lexington Avenue, the home of Highland View Dental Clinic.